(146 customer reviews)

WiFi + Infrared Premium Smart Universal Controller

Make your life easy and forget to search for the right controller with this universal WiFi Smart controller! Free shipping to 185 countries. 15 days money-back guarantee!



(146 customer reviews)
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We are glad to offer you our Universal WiFi Smart Controller Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home at a shocking 40% discount! Get this high-demand product today at our special price while stock is still available. With us, you get:

  • Fast, worldwide delivery
  • A no-questions-asked return policy
  • Ready-to-help customer service

Learn more about Universal WiFi Smart Controller Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home with our info below:



  • Brand: Refuse You Lose
  • Features: Works with Amazon Alexa Echo & Google Home, Google Home Mini
  • IR remote control distance: 12m
  • Infrared frequency: 38K
  • WiFI frequency: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
  • Current: 500mA
  • Power: less than 0.85W
  • Item size: 5.50 * 5.50 * 6.45cm / 2.17 * 2.17 * 2.54in
  • Package size: 8 * 8 * 9cm / 3.15 * 3.15 * 3.54in
  • Item weight: 75g / 2.6oz
  • Package weight: 150g / 5.3oz
Package list:
  • IR Controller
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

Furthermore, you can enjoy our convenient payment options and super appealing 32.95 price of the Universal IR Remote Control For Google Home and Amazon Alexa! Thus, itโ€™s no wonder this product has proven to be very popular among our customers.

Product Questions & Answers

Are the colors real?
The colors in the images of our Universal WiFi Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home are real. However, some gadgets and devices could slightly change colors. So, make sure yours gives the real picture.

What makes your Universal WiFi Remote Control for Google Home or Amazon Alexa better than others?
Itโ€™s a good choice if you want value for money because we keep an eye on the market and other web stores. So we know weโ€™re offering an attractive price for the Universal WiFi Remote Controller Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

I want it! How much does it cost?
For one product, you will have to pay 32.95.

The low price casts some doubts. Do you save on the quality of the Universal WiFi Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home?
There are no hidden flaws! ๐Ÿ˜‰ We can set buyer-friendly prices because we cut down the stock-related expenses.

Can I share my opinion on the purchase?
Your opinion about our products is really important for us. That’s why weโ€™ll be happy if you share it with other people.

Am I making the right decision if I buy it?
If you like the WiFi Universal Remote Control Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, why not place your order? Itโ€™s made of good quality materials, and the price is attractive, too. So be brave!

Ordering & Store Policies

Do I have to indicate my personal address? Can I request the package to be sent somewhere else?
If your personal address doesnโ€™t match the delivery address, itโ€™s not a problem! Despite that, we will send the package to any location you specify for us.

Do you give a full refund if a package gets damaged or lost during transportation?
Contact us if something bad happened with your package during transfer. There is no reason to worry because you will get a full refund if your package is lost or damaged.

What payment method is it better to choose if I want to receive my order as soon as possible?
The payment method you choose wonโ€™t influence the order delivery time. So choose the method you find the most comfortable.

How many of these are left?
The number of products in stock changes every hour! Therefore, itโ€™s better to hurry up with the purchase if you want to buy the Universal WiFi Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

How can I know that your store is better than any other one?
We work directly with manufacturers, which is why we can offer affordable prices for all our products. Moreover, we pay much attention to customer service, and our support team is always willing to help you solve any problems.

You’ve got some really nice products, but can I trust your store?
Feel free to check the feedback of our previous clients at any moment. Thus, youโ€™ll see that there is no reason to worry about our reliability and security.


Product Questions & Answers

Are there more options?
You can see all the available product options in the product description, so ADD TO CART whichever Universal WiFi Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home you prefer.

What do you make it from? What materials do you use?
We care about our buyersโ€™ shopping experience and well-being. That’s why we carefully select the best resources to craft the Universal WiFi Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Is it tax-free? Or do I have to pay extra?
The terms of taxation will be applied to your purchase depending on your countryโ€™s legislation. However, you will be able to see the final purchase cost on the checkout page.

If I order your Smart Home Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, will any extra fees apply?
You can see the final price when confirming the order. After that, you pay no extra money.

Can I share my opinion on the purchase?
We will be happy to see your product reviews shared on social media or any other feedback resources, so you’re good to go!

Is this product right for me?
Our store sells products of premium quality only. Meanwhile, our prices are one of the lowest on the market. Thatโ€™s why all of our customers are happy with their purchases. Weโ€™re sure youโ€™ll like the Universal WiFi Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home too.

Ordering & Store Policies

What if the package with my Smart Home WiFi Control Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa gets damaged during delivery?
You can request a refund if your order is lost in the mail or gets damaged during transportation, so feel free to get in touch with us if any of this happens.

Do I have to indicate my personal address? Can I request the package to be sent somewhere else?
The buyer and the addressee don’t have to match, so we can deliver your package to any place youโ€™ll indicate. Thank you.

How do I buy it?
Please think of the number of items you want to buy and select their variations. Then, ADD TO CART what youโ€™ve chosen and follow the instructions on the checkout page to complete your order and pay for the purchase. Right after that, weโ€™ll receive these details and start making the package for you.

Will the Smart Home Universal Remote Control Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home be delivered in the same time period as you promise?
Our estimated delivery time tends to be accurate in most cases; still, please allow for a 2-3 daysโ€™ difference.

Are you selling these legally?
When selling these and other items, we strictly follow the legal regulations obligatory for this sphere.

What is the main difference from your competitors?
We offer a wide range of items, highly detailed product information, and illustrative media files. In addition, all our products are made of high-quality and safe materials, and we try to keep our prices as low as we can.

Function Introduction: The Broadlink RM Mini3 is a universal remote for you to control infrared appliances through your smartphone.

Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home to voice control your TV, Air Conditioner. home intelligent
APP Control: Control IR appliances with IHC App anywhere anytime (Turn off the 5G Hz wifi if there is one. Please use 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi). Set up timers to turn on/off appliances at a specific time or customize scenes with multiple devices. Turning your basic home devices into smart devices and making life smarter and more convenient. Note: Download the new BroadLink Intelligent Home Center (IHC) App(Suitable for iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.0 or above).
Compatibility: Large IR database that over 98% IR remote function. Supports 50,000+ IR (IR only, no RF, compared with RM PRO) controlled devices, including your TV, DVD, audio, Air Conditioner, satellite, PVR, and more option to program your devices features if certain cloud data is unavailable.
Scheduled Feature: Enable and schedule feature daily and customizable for your needs.
Tech Support & Warranty:1-year warranty and 24/7 unlimited technical support and online tutorials are available.

Broadlink RM Mini3 Universal WiFi 4G IR Remote Control Via APP Control Smart Home Works With Alexa Echo Google Home Mini




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Refuse You Lose

Brand Name



All Compatible

Camera Equipped


State of Assembly



Universal WiFi 4G IR Remote Controller

Type A

Broadlink RM Mini3

Type B

Smart Home Automation


Works With Alexa Echo Google Home Mini

Feature A

Via APP Control

Type C

Broadlink IR Remote Controller


iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.0 or above

WiFI frequency

2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n

IR remote control distance


Infrared frequency


146 reviews for WiFi + Infrared Premium Smart Universal Controller

  1. N***s

    Fast deliver

  2. J***z

    It’s a little smaller than expected but it meets its function, connected with alexa is great

  3. J***z

    There’s q try to see how it works otherwise all right

  4. P***a

    Excellent quality!!!!

  5. A***o

    Good quality goods. Thank you store for fast delivery. The shop of prosperity.

  6. Customer


  7. C***


  8. Customer


  9. M***i

    Great product recommend it

  10. Y***

    Does what it needs to do, but I expected a better range of the signal. Integrates lovely with Google home.

  11. R***V

    It’s perfect, it controls the air from the mobile. My problem is that the mark of my air is gone, Hiyasu. So you don’t control 100×100. You must record the actions of one at a time. Each rise of degrees or change from cold to heat must be pre-recorded. It’s a hat. They put on the list of brands before you bought it. You were oriented to something.

  12. F***o

    The product works correctly and is as detailed. Luckily it works well, because the store does not take over if the product is defective, as in the same order buy smart plugs that do not work so watch what you buy

  13. N***t

    The instruction is clear-installed the application, added the iron (2.4 network for the setup time), added the devices. I found both TV and air conditioning (quite old devices) on the list. Part of the buttons did not work-the learning mode helped to configure them. As a result, in 10 minutes after unpacking, I work both TV and air conditioning. The angle of operation is good-I quietly removed this port from the visibility zone and it reaches all the necessary devices. The only thing left to deal with is Homebridge to work through HomeKit. (Although in the native application you can include Siri and everything in the idea will work and so on). If you get it, I’ll buy a second in another room, saving on batteries for remotes is obvious))

  14. R***s

    produto excelente qualidade. O vendedor atencioso. O produto chegou antes do prazo estimado.

  15. H***a

    Excellent super fast everything excellent

  16. J***O

    Happy, second device I buy, easy to use and easy to integrate with Google Home Mini

  17. R***r

    Satisfactory. Product meets the specification.

  18. Y***z

    Excellent product. A month’s delivery.

  19. D***o

    Good product I recommend

  20. D***a

    It’s what you promise, it’s pretty good. Works well, tested.

  21. R***i

    Working excellent ื‘ื”ืชืงื ื” note per guidelines

  22. R***o


  23. F***m

    Good article and very fast Thanks

  24. H***o

    Rรกpida entrega e produto ok.

  25. T***l

    Exactly as described. Very fast shipping, works great.

  26. U***s

    ร“timo Produto

  27. L***a

    All is OK

  28. G***r

    Product delivered as requested, but was sent from Europe, even having been requested from China during the request. This caused delayed more.

  29. M***S

    Fast delivery and careful packaging. Now is to try but I already have one and it works very well

  30. *.


  31. Customer

    Seems to work ok but Iโ€™m having trouble getting it to work with my Arris DVR box. Also noticed the micro USB connector was longer then my other cables so if I loose it I will be unable to power it

  32. S***n

    Super fast shipping, easy to install, works perfectly with my tv and with Google Home

  33. R***a

    Everything matches, packed perfectly. To Krasnogorsk 9 days

  34. I***r

    cool little bit of kit. works well with hassio

  35. H***s

    Good product.

  36. L***9

    Ottimo prodotto

  37. C***z

    Excellent product and I arrive very fast.

  38. S***n

    Works perfectly with my AC, TV and sound system.

  39. I***h

    Works fine. I sit, I collect one remote for soundbar, TV, chandeliers. All signals are clearly recognized in learning mode. Only for some reason, the custom remote did not add to Alice.

  40. L***s

    Arrived in the expected time

  41. O***o

    Great store! There were problems with the product, which was offered a refund or send on a new one. With this seller, there will definitely be no problems. Happy to help!

  42. F***a

    Very good, a little complicated to understand the application the first time but that’s not the store’s problem, it works at 100% once it’s configured correctly.

  43. M***a

    I’m in love with RM mini3, works with Google Home, Alexa, I was able to control all 5 TVs, projector, DVD, home theater, decoder, GT media Pro2, air conditioning, sound equipment, and it was very fast delivery. Seller recommended.

  44. S***a

    Work for what I needed, perfect and easy to use. Arrived very fast, 15 days total

  45. V***v

    Using 1 month. Never caught, works perfectly. But should be feedback to recognize when the physical control was triggered and change the status.

  46. T***e

    perfect but don’t work with Bluetooth remote and take 15 days delivery not 10

  47. Customer


  48. A***.

    I arrive sooner than expected, I cannot value it because it is a gift for kings.

  49. D***d

    The product itโ€™s good and working properly, quite fast delivery too

  50. N***t

    Fast delivery. Works like a charme. However had some trouble getting it setup/paired. The letters in (and) the user-manual are so small, had difficulties reading them even with reading glasses.

  51. E***

    Perfect product, according to documentation

  52. J***a

    Easy Installation

  53. Customer


  54. D***a

    From some reason does not respond to commands in some cases, it sometimes does and sometimes fails

  55. A***z

    Works perfectly, 5 stars

  56. Customer


  57. B***y

    super fast delivery store very helpful

  58. R***s


  59. G***a

    Excellent gone time and product

  60. M***z

    Works perfectly with Alexa with LG TV and deco freesat v7

  61. Y***C

    I don’t know how it works.

  62. W***a

    o produto chegou perfeito bom demais recomendo

  63. I***v


  64. N***c

    Good remote, there is a difference between official Play Store app and one that is downloaded from manufacturer website, manufacturers is better.

  65. P***s

    Very Slow deliver due to COVID but got here. Got it setup and working

  66. D***s

    The device is working as it should be. Recognize devices and connected properly with Alexa and Google Assistant without problems. It’s my second order. I recommend the store. Good communication and fast shipping and delivery!

  67. B***r

    vendedor enviou o produto rapidamente e entregou conforme combinado

  68. M***a

    Fast shipping, excellent product

  69. A***a

    I use it for a tv and air conditioning and it goes well.

  70. G***o

    ร“timo produto!

  71. B***y

    It’s about to me after 20 day mode excellent packaged good with manual in English works all OK

  72. S***a

    good store

  73. V***k

    All Super, exactly as described.

  74. C***o

    Very good

  75. E***s

    chegou muito rรกpido. comprei dia 21/07/20 e chegou no dia 02/08/20. Agora consigo controlar a TV LG pela Alexa. estรก funcionando muito bem

  76. C***r

    Very Toop and handle even without control all the cell

  77. D***o

    Very good quality product, it was what I expected, I will keep buying from the store, I recommend the store, the product arrived in about 35 days.

  78. J***a

    buen producto, todo perfecto. Llego en muy pocas semanas.

  79. D***l

    It came on time, the device itself liked. Covering-360 ยฐ, all the devices in the room see. Anyway, I like it.

  80. P***.

    Muito bom.

  81. R***e

    Very good product,

  82. C***o

    Chegou na minha casa em menos de 30 dias. Sucesso total.

  83. C***s

    Great service, fast response, item as described just what i need.

  84. N***v

    I would be more happy if the fact that RM4C is from BestCon, not BroadLink, was pointed out more explicitly. Otherwise itโ€™s all good!

  85. D***d

    Very good value!

  86. P***o

    Arrived perfect product, excellent store

  87. E***r

    I ordered it on January 28th and it’s February 3 rd I ‘ve already got it in my power. Thanks now to try it

  88. A***n

    Not to try everything OK

  89. N***a

    The column is good, connected all the devices, the delivery is fast.

  90. B***S

    Everything works as described

  91. Customer

    arrived fast and good quality

  92. K***n

    Received in a short time, grateful to the storeโคFind out if it works

  93. F***s

    thanks! looks good

  94. R***n

    All works Great. Quick delivery.

  95. O***o

    Worked fine with my diakin AC and sony TV

  96. R***o

    I haven’t used it yet.

  97. L***N


  98. M***n

    Everything as described. Haven’t tested it yet.

  99. G***s

    Cumpre o que promete.

  100. G***z

    aparato original llegรณ bastante rรกpido y va genial es bajar la aplicaciรณn y muy intuitivo! muy contenta con la compra!

  101. E***A

    Everything great, it’s been very easy and quick to add the device.

  102. Customer

    Perfect product already working with TV and humidifier.

  103. Customer

    The product corresponds to the description! Everything works!

  104. B***r

    muito bom

  105. M***z

    Good salesman. The product works perfectly and has a good price. Thank you.

  106. Customer

    Everything OK

  107. O***a

    If it works well

  108. S***s

    Very good purchase, works perfectly with Alexa and controls any devices with infrared remote control, air conditioning, television, satellite decoder, sound amplifier, etc.

  109. D***a

    Product in excellent condition

  110. Y***E

    Thank you, its working good!

  111. J***a

    Excellent very recommended

  112. S***n

    It works 100%. He even accepts any remote control.

  113. S***o

    nog niet geprobeerd, hij is erg klein.

  114. R***i


  115. Customer

    While device did not initially work per paper instructions, store went out of their way to help – uploading video instructions that addressed the issue and DEVICE WORKS AS ADVERTISED. Credit where it’s due, well done, sir.

  116. D***s

    Purchased for use with Google Nest hub and works perfectly. It has a lot of scope

  117. S***s

    Delivered on time, everything works, thank you!

  118. F***i

    All OK as product description is working properly

  119. Customer


  120. J***s

    Works perfectly with my TV and home cinema

  121. Customer

    The product arrived in good condition. Am already using, works well with Siri iPhone. Beauty

  122. J***h

    Product in perfect condition. Not to Try

  123. P***n

    Very Good Item and fast shipping. Thanks

  124. F***i

    ร“timo produto

  125. M***o

    Great product and excellent store recommended

  126. L***e


  127. C***z

    Perfect for air conditioning. Installation and configuration is very simple and works from outside the house. A great apparatus

  128. V***n


  129. A***v

    Very useful device, I quite enjoy using it with my AC.

  130. M***o


  131. L***i

    Great product!! Fast delivery!!

  132. Customer

    Thanks for fast delivery

  133. J***e

    Works perfectly .. Very satisfied

  134. L***l

    perfecto funciona muy bien

  135. P***t

    Works well for air conditioning

  136. P***s

    o produto parece ser muito bom ! gostei bastante

  137. L***a

    good quality

  138. E***m

    Good product, tal and komo is described, I arrive quickly to Spain I will buy again.

  139. M***i

    Works perfectly and itโ€™s very cheap! Perfect

  140. Customer

    All right, sealed and perfect. He sent faster than he indicated so a taste.

  141. T***r

    Thank you. I surrounded the goods. Everything is alright. I am satisfied. I highly recommend the store.

  142. S***a

    Excellent Product, works perfectly well! Very satisfied!

  143. Customer

    For now it works

  144. G***r

    Recebi o produto de forma rรกpida e conforme descrito.

  145. G***t

    Very very good product that completely meets my expectations. Very good

  146. L***o

    Came a little knead but not break anything.

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